MorphoAccess Biometric Scanners

MorphoAccess SIGMA Series

Compatible with Morpho & Bioscrypt installations

The new MorphoAccess SIGMA Series biometric access reader combines Morpho performance with Bioscrypt features, plus a whole lot more. The new MorphoAccess® SIGMA Series reader provides full compatibility for legacy Bioscrypt and Morpho customers, and offers new customers the opportunity to upgrade to the true benefits of Morpho's NIST number 1 ranked fingerprint technology. This top ranked technology delivers fast One to Many matching against a single 100K user database. .

MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite series

Slim and powerful fingerprint access terminals

Engineered with the same attention to detail and performance as their predecessor, the MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite terminals are specifically designed to equip narrow mounting surfaces, such as glass/aluminum door mullions, turnstiles, or server rack doors.
With two designs and multiple card reader options, there are a variety of models to address the widest range of deployment scenarios, both indoors and outdoors. .

MorphoAccess® VP Series

MorphoAccess® VP (MAVP) was awarded the coveted Security Industry Association's title of 2012 Best New Product for its fusion of Fingerprint + FingerVein technology which redefines the performance boundaries for biometric time & access control. Morpho has successfully fused two independently unique biometric factors for a simultaneous match on a single device.

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