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in memory of aic's owner and founder

Jerry Larkin

Loved his Country

Jerry believed firmly in this country and for people's rights to protect themselves and feel safe.

Jerry served Pennsylvania for over 37 years. He built AIC from the ground up. Jerry fought hard to keep his business thriving and growing.

He was a man who was passionate about his company and his work.

Loyal and Hardworking

Jerry was a kind man that cared deeply about being the best he could be.

Jerry was always thinking of new ways to be the greatest security company around. He wanted to be the best and most affordable company in Pennsylvania, and he never wavered from this stance, or sold out. He always stayed true to his mission.

He appreciated hard work and took great care of his family, his employees, and his beloved pets.

Committed to Excellence

Jerry was always focused on making his company better.

Even when Jerry had health issues, he was still dedicated to his company and his customers.

He always wanted to offer the best and latest technology and at a price that was fair and better than the competition. Jerry took great pride in being a company that offered one on one communication with its customers and being sure to make time for everyone.

A Dedicated Man

Jerry dedicated his life to helping families and businesses feel safe and more secure.

All of us at AIC remain dedicated to Jerry's dream to help our community and as he wished, hopefully one day the world, feel safe, secure, and protected, and at a price people can afford. We remain focused on being our best and offering the best service around.

Our hearts go out to Jerry's family. He will be deeply missed. Thank you, Jerry for your hard work, your loyalty, your commitment, and your dedication.