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product information

Fire-Lite MS-9200

AIC has been in business and providing security systems to businesses and home owners in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania since 1983.

TMS-9200UDLS (Rev 3) is a 198-point addressable fire alarm control panel and Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter all on one circuit board. This latest version of the MS-9200UDLS includes removable terminal blocks, 2.0A of auxillary power, connection for second ANN BUS, synchronization of up to 16 NAC power supplies and improved protection against electronic shock damage.

Features and Benefits

-Single SLC provides support for 198 addressable devices on twisted, unshielded fire wire

-Uses PS-Tools programming utility

-LiteSpeed protocol for SLC communication polls 10 devices at a time and operates on standard, unshielded wire

-Built-in digital communicator for off premises monitoring and remote up/download

-4 NACs with built-in sync for System Sensor®, Gentex®, and Wheelock®

-3 amp total shared power supply expandable to 6 amps of notification power with optional transformer

-Supports up to 32 optional LCD-80F or ACS LED annunciators

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*Disclaimer: A no cost survey is required before the installation of the system. Packages can be customized; prices may vary with customization.