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product information

Fire Lite MS-25

AIC has been in business and providing security systems to businesses and home owners in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania since 1983.

MS-25(E) Rev. 2 is a 25-point fire alarm control panel designed to provide a cost-effective addressable solution to meet even the smallest specification. Unlike other small panels, the MS-25 is a full featured, addressable alternative…at a conventional panel price. It runs on only a single loop of standard wire, provides pin-point identification and includes maintenance alerts, dialer and auto-programming.

Features and Benefits

-Single SLC that provides support for 25 addressable devices (any combination of addressable detectors and modules)

-SBUS supports two ANN-80 Remote Annunciators

-JumpStart® auto-learn feature reduces installation time and makes programming easy

-Built-in digital communicator

-Two programmable Style Y (Class B) notification appliance circuits (NACs)

-Selectable strobe synchronization for System Sensor®, Gentex®, Wheelock® or AMSECO devices

-Two programmable Form-C relays and one Form-C trouble relay

-Uses standard wire (unshielded or twisted pair)

-Central Station reporting up to five zones

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*Disclaimer: A no cost survey is required before the installation of the system. Packages can be customized; prices may vary with customization.