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what to know


I have pets. Does that mean that I cannot use motion detectors?

No. We offer motion detectors with built in "pet avoidance," that your pets will not set off.

My existing smoke detector goes off a lot when I'm cooking. Will that happen with my new smoke detectors from AIC?

The short answer is no. We use photoelectric smoke detectors. That means that they detect smoke in a way that is much different from a conventional smoke detector, making them less likely to go off from cooking, etc. Remember, you if you do set off your AIC smoke alarm by accident, you can control whether or not the fire department is called by giving the central monitoring station your password.

What happens if I set off my burglar alarm by accident?

If you enter your code incorrectly or accidentally set off your alarm system, within seconds, you will receive a phone call from our central monitoring station. Answer your phone immediately. Give the operator your password, and all is well. Nothing further will ever happen as long as you are able to answer the telephone and know the password that YOU choose when we set up your system.

What services do you provide?

We provide both residential and commercial services.

What areas do you service?

AIC provides commercial security systems and residential security systems in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.